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Experts in Analytics, Data Visualization and Machine Learning

Digital Analytics

Customers interact with your brand in many ways. Your website is just one part of the whole customer experience. Correlating information across all channels in a multichannel analytics solution can provide you with unique insights regarding your customers' behaviour. Questra Consulting helps you selecting, implementing and testing the right analytics solutions across all customer touch points.

Data Visualization

The main goal of data visualization is to communicate information clearly and effectively through graphical means, typically by combining data from multiple sources. Questra Consulting helps organizations in using data visualization to retrieve more insights from even the most complex data. We use a variety of technologies and platforms to achieve this, resulting in actionable dashboards.

Data Science

The past fifteen years have seen extensive investments in collecting data throughout the enterprise. Virtually every aspect of business is now open to data collection and often even instrumented for data collection. But how do you exploit this data for competitive advantage? How do you turn data into value? By using the most recent and innovative technologies, Questra Consulting helps organizations achieve this goal.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is becoming an integral part of many commercial applications and research projects. Machine learning is all about extracting knowledge from data, automating decision making processes and creating competitive advantage through data. Questra Consulting brings years of experience in machine learning to its customers, helping them to maximize the potential of their data.

Big Data & IoT Analytics

IoT analytics applications help companies understand the Internet of Things data at their disposal. Effectively using this data can lead to improved business operations, reduced maintenance costs and equipment failures. But how do you handle this kind of streaming big data? Questra Consulting helps organizations creating value out of their Big Data and IoT data by using innovative technologies.

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