Online Strategy

Your online strategy is the starting point, don’t build a website or launch an online campaign without a strategic context. This context has two important perspectives:

  • An outward facing perspective: What are the needs of your customers and new prospects? What is happening in the marketplace? What are your competitors doing? What opportunities are there in terms of online?
  • An inward facing perspective: What is your company’s overall strategy? What are your organization’s core goals and objectives in terms of reach, revenue, loyalty and customer satisfaction? Is your organization e-ready? Are your systems ready to support your online presence? What metrics are important for managing your business, how can you measure this data and turn it into actionable insights?

Your online strategy absolutely has to:

  • Support your business goals: marketing, sales, customer services, operations and communications.
  • Improve your corporate and brand reputation.
  • Govern what online channels you use and how.
  • Provide a framework for you and your team to manage an increasingly complex online presence.

Many online projects fail because of an absence of an online strategy or gaps in executing it.

Online Strategy

At Questra Consulting, we conceive internet strategies and support our clients to execute them. Our strategic services include:

Strategic planning

Questra Consulting defines how and where the internet and eCommerce can allow you to deliver your business strategy. We facilitate and often challenge business owners and senior management teams on how to effectively use various online channels. We identify the opportunities and the risks and allow you to plan, resource and deliver online projects with confidence.

Channel selection

Websites, eCommerce sites, social media sites, mobile apps, email newsletters, discussion fora, extranets, intranets and many more - the range of internet channels can be bewildering. Helping you select and maximize the channels that will deliver real value is an essential part of what we do.

Marketing strategy

Marketing is being shaped by new technologies. What online channels should you use to drive your marketing strategy? How can you ensure brand consistency? What emerging online marketing trends can be applied to your business? Questra Consulting is retained by senior marketing professionals to help them develop marketing strategies and plan campaigns. Our work is designed to maximize revenues, generate leads, build customer loyalty and achieve other marketing goals.

Technology selection

Selecting the right technologies to make your online strategy a reality is vital. There are many, many suppliers and solutions available for website design, development, hosting and deployment. Selecting the right ones can be challenging. Questra Consulting makes this simple. We select the best, most cost-effective technology solutions and providers to suit our clients' needs and budgets.


Once the online strategy has been set, the next step is to scope requirements - technical, operational, marketing, communications and more. Questra Consulting scopes, documents and distils requirements for internal teams and for third-party suppliers. We also help identify suitable suppliers, providing a full end-to-end procurement service for online technologies and services.

Remember, great brands are being shaped by their online strategies. Contact us today to learn more about our strategic services.

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